Tomyam Preparation

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The cooking process was done by May, My Brother’s girlfriend, who is original Thai. Thanks to her original Thai Tomyam receipy. There are 2 types of Tomyam, as we usually get in malaysia is almost in red hot version with put in alot of tomyam paste & coconut milk. Another one is clear version, without any red hot tomyam paste but with the distinctive aroma from the combination of herbs. i & Gill love the clear soup more than the red one.

The herbs above used in making traditional Tomyam Soup. These herbs that you see here needs to be soaked in water to bring out its taste and aroma. Starting from the top and clock wise, the pinkish root is lengkuas(a.k.a galangal), Serai stock(a.k.a lemon grass), kaffir lime leaf and coriander leaves and roots.

All the above mentioned ingredients that are needed to give the distinct taste and aroma of the tomyam soup are all boiled together.

Now everything is all cooked, and the chopped coriander leaves and spring onions have been sprinkled on. The only thing to do is to eat, drink and enjoy.

wish to view the cooking process? pls click here


  1. The Malaysian Explorer // February 6, 2009 at 3:57 PM  

    Thanks for sharing the tomyum recipe. Now I only need to look for my pots and pants.

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