This morning while on my way to an appointment in Prai, I received a call from Gill informing me that Bo Bo our 1 year old Husky has given birth to 3 beautiful puppies. The mom to be Bo Bo was peachy, always tired and hiding in dark areas for the pass 2 days, that was a sign of the nearing due date for dogs. We were glad that she has delivered her litter, but the hard work of taking care of both mother and puppies is there as there are 3 more dogs around poking around and agitating here.

One of our pet Husky, Bo Bo just delivered 3 beautiful puppies this morning.

We actually expected her to deliver sometime during the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations. Luckily, the puppies came today in the morning.

The three puppies were quite big as compared the size of Bo Bo and her siblings were born in December 2007. They were as big as my palm.

One of the puppies looks alike Bo Bo all cream white in colour and the other two has grayish brown markings. I especially like the markings on the eyes and tail.

It was a great feel to see the puppies just less than one day old. They are very cute and adorable.