‘Lo Shang’ is a Chinese Lunar New Year tradition that originated from Malaysia. It is normally practice during the 7th day of the lunar calendar, which we call ‘Yan Yat’ in Cantonese, or Human Day in English. It is actually a symbolic food or tradition practiced by Malaysian-Chinese to celebrate the ‘Yan Yat’, which mythologically, is the day when all humans were born. It seems to share some similarities with the Bibles the 7 days used by God to create the Earth and it’s every living beings. But through the years, it has become more of a celebration for better fortune, wealth, health and hapiness.

The higher the tossing action denotes a higher exceleration or better fortunes for the coming year.

The ‘Lo Shang’ is the action of tossing the ‘Yue Shang’, which translated from Cantonese means raw fish. This ‘Yue Shang’ dish consist of a few ingredients which represents the 7 colours of the rainbow, pickled gingers, cloured crackers, shredded carrot, pamelo flesh, jelly fish, ground peanuts, seame seed and raw fish sashimi.The ‘Yue Shang’ also comes with its special dressing which would consist of a sweet and sour sauce and some fragrant oil(sesame seed oil).

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