Nanyang Serve Authentic Hokkiense Cuisine.
The restaurant is located at the Protected Heritage Area in Georgetown, is a corner shop house at the cross junction of Lebuh Armenian, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Kelian & Lebuh Cannon. Its exactly opposite the Yap Kongsi.

Fried Kuih, it is something like Stir Fry Char Hor Fun in dried version. I never expect the Kuih come in brown color.
Look at the kuih, although the kuih came dark in color but you still be able to see how transparent it was while its under the sunlight from the picture. The kuih was thin, springy and chewy. Oriental Stir frying with leeks, cabbage, black fungus, chicken meat and prawns. Simply yet delicious, and full with char-grilled taste (in cantonese it’s call “Wok Hei”). i like it.

Oyster Pancake / Omelette
look at the oyster, so eye catchy huh? :)
Fresh and juicy oyster was lightly stir fried and layed on the bed of crispy golden and flavouful omelette. This Oyster Omelette is pretty different from what i had from those hawker stall. I can sense the meaty flavor from the omelette but you cant even get a pcs of meat from there. I think they used meat broth to ehance and give the richness to the omelette, which make it so special from the others. It was pretty starchy in the omelette. But did not feel yucks at all.
Highly recommended

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