Last Sunday afternoon we attended an invited review at Louis Cafe at Argyll Road Penang. It was an arrangement Lingzie and Madam Teoh(the proprietor) came up with. It was not much of a review, but more of a taste and comment type of event. Thus, my posting will just do that without being bias. Actually, the chef and the proprietor were very interactive and very receptive to the comments and ideas that we gave in terms of the taste and flavour of the food and also the marketing ideas to improve their customer turnover.

Some of the other bloggers that have attended the review have or will be displaying photos of indoor set up and decor, thus I would just leave that out or it will add additional length to this long post. I will focus more on the food and on the people and action of the review cum get-to-gather. This is the 3rd official invited review that we Penang bloggers attended as a group after we all first met and decided to organize this kind of activity and events for the benefit of all, bloggers and business establishments. And we hope that there will be more to come.

The appetizer, Scallops with Apple Salsa.

counter clockwise - Pumpkin Soup, Tomato Soup, Cream of Cauliflower, Cream of Broccoli & Wild Mushroom Soup

Chicken Tortilla

Baked stuffed chicken

We bloggers and Mdm Teoh and her daughter Sue and their staff.

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