Post Kuchai Lama Food blog again?!...haaa, this place is very near to my sister in-law house, only 10 min driving distance. I am sure there are lots of food maniac spend 2 hours on the road just only for a plate of ipoh tauge chicken!

Anyway, two of us decided to have an early lunch at 11am (consider brunch), and came to Mooi Mooi Coffee Shop to enjoy the popular Roast Pork and Char Siew. While we arrive, the piping hot Roast Pork and Chicken just came out from the kitchen, oil is still dripping down the tray.

Although still early, but the stall already have few tables and take away order to make. Our meal served on the table after 30 min later....gee, the owner missed out our order....#%$Y^

Rice came with yellowish color

Roast Chicken Meat and Chicken Kidney.

The roast chicken skin looks delicious, unfortunately i just can taste the flavour from the skin....the meat is tasteless.

Mouth Watering Char kilat

Crunchy Roast Pork

Although the skin is crunchy, but the meat is abit too dry and taste the saltiness only, some of the meat & oil were come? the pork not fresh?

Mooi Mooi Coffee Shop

see the long que?
Rating 0-10
Food: 5 (average only)
Environment: 4
Service: 4 (they missed my order!)
Price: 4