Lunch Time again! My sister in-law brough me out for early lunch at Ku Chai Lama area, and she called her friend to get the direction and make sure we go to the correct shop :)

Here we came to the Soon Lei Coffee Shop which was after the 林记 (posted KL Trip Part 1), 4 junctions away.

My sister in-law brought me here was for the Fish Head Bee Hoon. And we asked the waitress what is their specialty, and she introduced Fish Head Bee Hoon, Pumpkim Bee Hoon to us. Well, sounds interesting when i heard Pumpkin Bee Hoon. So, we decided to order 1 small bowl of Fish Head Bee Hoon, and Pumpkin Bee Hoon for 2. And follow by the 沙梨酸梅. I'm abit confused, and asked her, 沙梨酸梅 or Umpra酸梅...and she answered me is 沙梨酸梅. Ok, another interesting we ordered 2 glasses.

Well, it is really confused me when come to first try. Its really taste Umpra to me.....HAAA. probably KL people called it in different name...
Taste sharp and the juice in thin flavor, not as smooth as penang version.

Rating: 2 /5

Pumpkin Bee Hoon
It looks good to me, come with mouth watering presentation. The Bee Hoon mixed evently with Pumpkin and some prawn, dried shrimp, minced meat. I was impressed when put it into my mouth, there are more then a pumpkin flavour and that is salted eggs! Both flavour were blended so well and its truly make the perfection!

Rating: 4 /5 (must try)

Fish Head Bee Hoon
At first, we didnt expect it came with Claypot, my sister in-law saids, not much people using claypot for serving. Probably the chef wish the claypot can keep the bee hoon warm and last for more longer.
It came with a medium size of claypot with Fish Head Bee Hoon, and that is so called smallest size. Well, this is a milky version with salted vegetables, fish head with big chunck of meat. The only differrent from the others is Tofu & Yam in it, and Its make me feel like eating old school food.

Tofu & Yam from the Fish Head Bee Hoon
Although they dump in the Tofu & Yam to enhance the soup flavour, but i found it was abit heavy after taken all ingredient together. The Bee Hoon itself pretty smooth and springy, and soup taste moderate to high. The Claypot coudnt help much on keeping warm, as its came was fire hot, but was cooling down very fast. Probably the clay quality isnt good. Temperiture affected the taste, as everyone knows the fish head only good to consume when is hot.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

In house banner hangging on the wall.

Soon Lei Coffee Shop

Stand alone signage infront of the shop

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  1. New Kid on the Blog // June 18, 2008 at 6:16 PM  

    I like this type of fish head mee hoon... very nice one!

  2. Little Inbox // June 24, 2008 at 9:51 PM  

    The soup base of the fish head mee hoon must be flovourful. :P

  3. gill gill // June 25, 2008 at 12:11 AM  

    new kid on the blog:
    yea, you can easily get this kind of fish head bee hoon in KL every where. what about Penang, do you have good one to introduce?

    little inbox:
    Hi there, thank you for your first visit and comment :). The portion of carnation milk and salted vege plays an important role in this fish head bee hoon, sour campur milky flavour...sleerrpp, fantastic!

  4. squall // July 1, 2008 at 9:28 PM  

    i also like to visit this shop!!!