Salted Fish Fried Bee Hoon & Tang Hoon Mix
Tasty but aoily abit....over all is yummy.

Delicious Wat Tan Hor - Char Hor Fan

Rating 0-10
Food: 7
Environment: 6
Service: 6
Price: 6


  1. Anonymous // July 20, 2008 at 11:56 PM  

    We went all the way to Hai Boey last night. Tried out their specialty as follows: -

    Hor Fan : Comment : Has its own cooking style, gravy taste good even without egg. Server said Hor Fan without rice noodle would taste better. RM4/pax. Value for money as they also put in quite a lot of sotong.

    Garlic sauteed local spinach: Comment : Balance taste with minimal oil.

    Deep fried stuffed aubergine : Comment : Good appetiser.

    Lime steamed "o-sit" : Comment : "o-sit" in hokkien. It is a type of shark. Sounds sour, but just a hint of refreshing. Garnish with chopped garlic and some chili padi, steamed to perfect tender. Taste of sweet-sour-saltiness is very balance and yet garlic is not pungent. Thumbs up! Also available for cooking with shell fish.

    Fried Yin-yong-fun : Comment : What a fluffy fried rice noodle + glass noodle. Premium picked bean sprout has made it an up market dish. Also RM4/pax.

    Overal comment: Good food, just that slightly expensive. Small plate of vegetable costs RM8 already. Good customer service and the order taker we have met is knowledgable with their menu.