Busy Street...

Bloggers, i just wonder what is so special about this Francis Western Food located in Pulau Tikus, right at the traffic light corner kopitiam. No harm to trying since many bloggers recommended this place. But I was disappointed about the cleanliness and hygiene of the owner and assistant. And their Service ain't that friendly either.

3 big mistakes that should not be practices in the food industry, please take a look:

Mistake 1
I saw the Potato Serving spatula fell on to the floor, and without cleaning it the assistant used that same spatula to plate the potatoes for serving. It is not acceptable! WTF!! The plate that he was plating was mine, thus I quickly told my husband, and he asked the man to leave out the potatoes. They still didn't realized their mistake and kept using the dirty spatula to serve for others....gee. Luckily i saw the whole picture, if not my husband would have diarrhea again as he is sensitive to dirty food stuff. Very effective cleanliness meter. hahaha.....

Mistake 2
They use plastic Tupperware to hit up the potatoes in the microwave!!! Guys, no matter is microwave prove or non microwave prove, it shouldn't be use plastic in the microwave instead! Well, that potatoes is not only unhygienic, but is cancer potatoes as well!!!!!

Mistake 3
They use Ice Cream Box to store the curry paste. Well, Ice Cream box is meant for cool ice cream and non acidic food stuff. Try keeping curry paste or chili in a plastic container and see the difference after a while! Do you think the curry is not acidic enough to spoil plastic container structure and lining? Cancer in through your mouth.

Hygiene, proper storage and cleanliness knowledge is very much important in the food industry, it affect others health!

Sirloin Steak

Coming back to the food, I didn't find anything special about the food that we had except that the portion is fair on the price they charged. My hubby had the sirloin steak cooked medium which at first was nice in presentation, but upon munching on it the admiration turned into hate. The fats were not cooked enough and it did not caramelised to produce the fragrant aroma of the beef. And between the fats and the meat, it was damned chewy. If considering the meat part, it is still okay only. Actually they shouldnt put pineapple n fry button mushroom as one of the side dish. the taste totally doesnt match either.

Rating 1.5 / 5

Moroccan Fish

Then to the Moroccan baked fish. The fish was overwhelmed by all the sauce and dressing, making hard to differentiate the taste of fish and the other side dishes. Basically, I felt like eating mayo or cream.

Rating: 1.5 / 5

Spicy Chicken

Then there was the Spicy Chicken that we had. The chicken was baked together with all the topping and the curry gravy, which made the chicken soggy. From my opinion, they could have placed the topping(pineapple, peach, capsicum) on the base, baked for a while then placed the chicken on top then baked again. This would make the topping caramelised with it own sweetness, transferring the aroma of topping to chicken and browning the chicken to create a fragrant chicken piece. After then, dress the dish with the curry gravy. That would be how I would prepare the Spicy Chicken.
Rating: 1.5 / 5

Not doubt the butter bread taste good. The Butter Bread is soft and moist in the center and skin is crispy. Other then the bread, all side dishes are out.
Rating: 3 / 5

Service: 1 / 5
Environtment: Damn HOT

Anyway, I hope they will improve on their hygiene, cleanliness, service and cooking skills.


  1. annie // May 14, 2008 at 3:13 PM  

    yup yup....i wont go there!haha