14 Dec 2006
Betwenn Lunch to Tea Break Time

亚二饭菜 is in this Kedai Kopi Kwai Lok. Since we've tried several times of Tauge Chicken around Ipoh Town, so me decided to try new things...

And we saw this store with a big wording sign just opp the Lou Wong Tauge Chicken...and then we discovered some interesting menu which wrote under the Store name....lets take a look

opp the Lou Wong Tauge Chicken...did u see the signboard behind?

Wow, is an Exotic Menu which we rarely find....Chinese Herbal Lamb Soup, Sour Trotter, ....

Well since we have this change to come to ipoh...and lets try the Exotic Special!
We've ordered 4 dishes, Herbal Lamb Soup, Ginger and Spring Onion Stir Fry Intestine, Stir Fry Claim and a Vegetable.

Although i have never try kind of soup before, but i tell you what, this is terribly good! They cooked the lamb ribs in the Chinese Herbal Soup.... and it taste wonderful. the herbal soup goes very well with the lamb ribs, thus the rack meat was very tender and smooth in texture. Yum Yum..

Rating: 4 / 5 (Highly Recommended)

Well, im sure this kind of Stir Fry Intestine is kinda new for penangite, so am i...hee. Try la, since we've chance...why not? lol
Did you see the intestine has cutted into round flower shape before? Very interesting presentation for the intestine itself. The pork intestine called 生肠 in chinese. We could taste that intestine was fresh and comes with a crunchy bite and easy to chew, but chinese wine is a little bit over. It is still taste exotic for us....hee, Im sure this will be a heaven dish for the intestime lovers!

Rating: 3.5 / 5 (No Harm to try!)

Claim claim claim.....see the all are so juice and fresh! well, i have to say it once again...fresh seafood is good to cook as simple as it is...as mile as it is, so that you can taste the freshness of Ocean ma! haa....this dish looks simple, and simple food doesnt mean is no good!...

Rating: 3 / 5

Here is the Name, contact and Business Hour for your reference...ipoh got many good food, dont just only go for Tauge Chicken.....explore new things ma....