Finally Batu Ferringhi has a 24 hour Nasi Kandal! This Khaleel actually had a shop located at the Flat ground floor which and the flats are opposite the 7eleven, and they are open on day time only. And now they opened a branch at the corner shoplot (2 lots) at the 7eleven side, end of the road since begining of the year 2008.

We've tried their food for few times. Usually we will prefer to eat there at night, coz the night shift chef cook better then the morning! Haaa...

We would recommand you go for night time food, better taste. You can try their Roti Canai and ask for Dhal campur Sardine "Guah". The roti is crispy outside and soft inside, and you can really taste the roti with some sweetness and fragrant, and the guah n roti combination goes really well.
Tips:Dont ask for fish curry, that will be taste different from what i'd recommanded.

Price: nom
Taste: 2.5 / 5

Besides that, the Mee Goreng without Chili is nice too. It taste like "Dai Lok Mee" & "Hokkien Char" leh...
Tips: You need to mentioned to the waiter with the prefer portion of chili to put into your dish, becoz they will dump in bunch of chilies n cook for you if you dont mentioned anything.....gee i kenal one time and the chilis make me feel HOT (my mouth was swelling by the chilis)and wanna scold the chef, "Hey! your chili FREE one ah?"

Price: RM3.50
Taste: 2.5 / 5

Note: Anyway....the Mee Goreng has no consistancy standard. What we tried were good few nights ago and it was tasteless today, yet dont order the Fried Koay Teow, coz is poor.

Another recomandation is Nasi Goreng Daging Kunyit. This item you can easily find in Malay (煮炒) Store's Menu, but you barely get it it Nasi Kandal Store. So we decided to try...

First, the Presentation is nice. The fried rice is soft and with egg's aroma, not bad. The Daging is Beef fry with kunyit flavor. Taste abit salty, but still nice. Beef not too hard and have spongy feeling. and the kunyit flavor is just nice to eat :) and the rest of the vege is moderate. well, overall is tasty. should try this too.

Price: RM4.50
Taste: 3 / 5

The rest has to be discover in the furture.....

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  1. annie // June 12, 2008 at 1:39 PM  

    is not miss taken...i think i been there before...not new shop rite?already few years rite?cause i been there few years ago...the food damm expensive &...not nice!