In the inner part of Old Georgetown, lies Jalan Cintra. On this road itself many food wonders and old school food can be found in this area. Old school meaning, traditional taste and methods of cooking and preparing dishes. One of our favourites is the Chee Cheong Fun at Kim Maou Cafe. The Chee Cheong Fun stall used to be outside this cafe , but has since moved into the cafe. The business hour is from 1:30pm onwards until stock finishes.

Kim Maou Cafe on Cintra Street.

Cintra Street Chee Cheong Fun

Cintra Street Chee Cheong Fun

Curry Chicken that is served

The curry chicken that is served with the chee cheong funs is made from traditionally blended herbs and spices, none of the modernised and simplified cooking with curry powders. The chicken meat used is only from thighs and drumsticks. This is to ensure that meat texture does not interfear with smoothness of the chee cheong fun. Another thing about the curry is that it uses a lot of Serai. The serai helps to lighten up an otherwise heavy and oily meal.

Curry Chee Cheong Fun served on plate.

Other than the curry chicken, the stall is also good for its shrimp paste and light soya souce. The shrimp paste is thick and creamy, and it goes well with only sesame seeds. As for the light soya, I think the proprietor has added some additional ingredient in it, cause it taste different from the virgin type light soya sauce that she displays at her stall. The light soya brings out the texture of the chee cheong fun yet it brings out the fragrant of the chee cheong fun (the fun) itself.

Is worth to try this old school food!

Rating: 4 / 5 (Must Try)

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  1. annie // May 21, 2008 at 11:57 AM  

    wow!the curry chee-cheong fun so nice!i want to try too!

  2. gill gill // May 21, 2008 at 10:54 PM  

    ohh...sure! come back to Penang and i will treat you with tones of good food!!! hehe