I think most of the penangite knows this Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng! Famous & Popular Hawker Store who operated by indian's onwner cum chef.....10 over years.....

Would this picture makes you feel hungry?...haha, it is quite tempting. Long time didnt have chance to makan mee goreng here, and this was the first visit in year 2008. Anyway, we were there for tea break and still have lots mee goreng supporters especially on weekend.
i always believe the taste and quality will be different before and after they get famous. Haa....

Do you know why? famous = more people eat your food, have to serve fast = mass production, so do u think this is the best still...lol

Well, come back to the food. The mee goreng standard doesnt taste as good as lastime, luckily they still kept the flavor, just only lack of some goreng aroma. when comes to peak hour lagi worst, they cooked the few plates of mee in one time, so where can get aroma still? the mee consider tasty still.

Mee Goreng with extra Sotong : RM4.00
Rating : 3.5 / 5

The Mee Rebus not bad, can consider to order this while you need to wait for the goreng.
Mee Rebus with extra Sotong : RM4.00
Rating : 3.5 / 5

Let me introduce you... Jason's Version Mee Goreng! i asked for another plate of Mee Goreng with extra Ayam Goreng + put some Mee Rebus Guah on top...A total different experience of eating mee goreng....hahaha. Taste wonderful

Mee Goreng with extra Ayam Goreng + Mee Rebus Guah : RM4.00
Rating : 4 / 5 (Must Try)

The Owner cum Chef

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  1. annie // May 21, 2008 at 12:04 PM  

    erm....yum yum...its look nice.
    do you try the air itam mee goreng?the famous near round-a-bout one?but for me,now is taste less...sigh...but you should try the stall which is futher up to the penang hill road which is near the bus stand one,opposite the "previous Lai-Lai supermarket"...the mee goreng/rebus,& the stall next to it duck koey teow teng damm delicious!yummy!!!!!!!

  2. gill gill // May 21, 2008 at 11:03 PM  

    annie: yes, i still remember you brought me to the kopitiam before the round about for the mee goreng leh...heee. You just bring my memory back about the the mee goreng stall opp the old lai lai. i almost forgot about this stall...ha, dunno still nice or not le?