This morning we went to Agryl Road to have breakfast after walking our dogs at Gurney Drive. This Koay Teow Theng stall is located just off Agryl Road and the place is called Duck Lane according to the news paper clipping found there.

The food served there are mainly Koay Teow in clear soup or dry, blench bean sprouts or green vege and chicken(used to prepare the soup) in the Lorong.

The Koay Teow Theng is not exceptionally delicious but the side dishes are worth reccomending. The bean sprouts and green vege are cooked just right leaving them still crunchy and juicy, and the pork tendon balls that are made fragrant by the condiments found in them. The chicken may a bit chewy as they are old hens(female chicken) used to prepare the soup for the Koay Teow Theng.

Blench Bean Sprouts with Pork Lard Bits(Chinese Kacang hahaha..)

Koay Teow Theng with the usual fish balls, pork balls and pork tendon balls.

Other than the food, I like to patronise the place is because of the price, the friendliness of the people there and the amount of MSG that is used. Me and my wife had three(3) bowls of Koay Teow, additional Pork Tendon balls, one(1) bowl of pork ball soup, one(1) large plate of bean sprouts and chicken, and it cost me RM 16.40. Is it cheap?! To me it is fair as compared to others that may cost more. As for the case of amount MSG used, after patronising the place it doesn't make me that thirsty, thus I could say they don't use high amounts of MSG.

Rating: 3 / 5

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