19th Aug 2007
Tea Break - 2.45pm

Laksania is selling Local Food in a pre-war building just few door next to the of Giant at Jalan Burma.

Deep Fried Poh Piah & Prawn Fritters

The Laksa, their speciality

New Creative Drink, Pat Poh Soya Bean.

Nasi Lemak

i can't remember those above food items taste like, hahaha.....almost one year later story, cant really give comment, probably change alot, who knows?...haha, go try la....

but i have to tell you one thing, is very hot inside.

Business Hour: i think is around from lunch time to evening.

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  1. annie // June 12, 2008 at 1:13 PM  

    but really look nice leh....i can see & feel how spycy...yum yum...i will try i will try!!! then i will back for help you to put the rating ya! hahaha~~~