Dumpling Shop at Cintra Street...

The Father handed the business to his son, and become 2nd generation business.

They specialist on X-Large Rice Dumpling. I dont have the Rice Dumpling picture here, and the rice dumpling is used to be good, but not now anymore. The second genetation dumpling is really dissapoint me. The glutinous rice inside the dumpling is too soft and tasteless. Totally OUT!!! So we rather dont eat. Their Red Bean Dessert aint good.

Big tray of Yam Cake...

The Yam Cake is not a special deal, it is tasteless and dont feel like eating yam cake, like eating flour! but the Sweet Sauce would helps alot on it, the sauce is thick, lots of sesami seeds and aromatic.
Totally counldnt compare this with his father's.

Rating: 1.5 / 5

Price Tag of the foods...

did you notice that they sell RM32 dumpling?! i havent try that before....

So sad to see the old school food destroy by the younger generation. Too bad. Please bring your heart for cooking, dont just simply cook for living!

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  1. annie // June 12, 2008 at 1:16 PM  

    oh...no...the taste so poor please dont put lah....anyway,is good for us too! DONT go!kakaka