People say that the best Laksa is in Penang. Is that true? I am not a fan of Laksa, but sad to say is that the standards in Penang are getting worse, and prices are shooting up like rockets. Many tourists seems to only patronize places which WERE ONCE legends or convenient. Good things does not come easy, you would really need to go ground level and sniff it out.

From my previous job in a shipping company, I got to know this joint in Kulim which serve Laksa and Ice Kacang. It is still not that commercialize yet till today. This place is in Kulim at Kelang Lama or in Hokkien, ‘Lau Hui Kar’. It will take you some driving around to reach there because the place is not in a shop lot or busy town area. It is in an old ‘kampung’ residential area.

The Laksa there is totally different from that sold in Penang. It is neither that sour nor spicy hot as you will find in most of the Laksa in Penang. It is more of the ‘sweetness’ of the fish and the side condiments that are add in before serving.

When you take the first sip of the soup, it is the sweetness of the fish which is the dominant taste that greets you. But if you take the time to savor the laksa soup before slurping the noodles, you will be surprise to fine a hint of cucumber infuse into the soup when the hot and steaming soup was poured into the bowl of white noodles or ‘nai fan’.

The only thing that I find disappointing about the laksa is the noodles that they are using. It is not smooth enough and some times tend to be a bit stiff. The ‘nai fan’ should be smooth, firm(but not stiff) and moist. If have tried the ‘nai fan’ in Ipoh, you would know what I am taking about.

To accompany the hot and steaming bowl laksa, definitely would be a bowl of icy cold Ice Kacang or shaved ice. Nothing fancy, no ice cream or cut fresh fruits, just your normal and almost traditional ice kacang. But what I find special about their ice kacang is their ice. The texture is very smooth and soft. Even the ice shavings from the famous Sow Tow Lane ice kacang stall could not compare.

Ice kacang or ice shavings, ‘ice’ is always in front, therefore the ice is very important. If the ice is not smooth, consistent and soft, then the ice kacang is not worth patronage. But that is not the end, the syrups and condiments are also very important too. I found that the peanuts in the ice kacang at this place are fresh and fragrant. Usually, I do not like to have peanuts in my ice kacang because the nuts are always burnt and dry, but for this place, I do not mind having more peanuts added to my ice kacang.

Other than the food is good there, the place is also well kept and clean. The owner has even found the time to modify some old plastic bottles to cover the chopsticks and spoons on each individual table. Tables are cleaned almost immediately after the customers pay-up and leave. People there are also quite polite and friendly too.

If you would like to try out this place, I wouldn’t mind showing the way to the place. Good things should be share and enjoy together.


  1. Anonymous // August 30, 2008 at 2:35 AM  

    im from kulim... n d 'nai fan' disapointment u had was merely superficial. They do have a softer and smoother version of noodles u just need to ask for them. i gues not evryone likes it soft and smooth.. for me i prefer it 2 have bit texture n to be abit chewy.. well, thats jz me...