When ever we go to KL, my sister & brother in-law which was the permanent KL citizen will surely bring us to makan. I actual fact they need us to help 'hantam' the left-overs and to have more people to sit in so that they can try more food!  They can't handle the big feast by themselves...lol

Sai Kee, was one of the pioneer in KL Chinatown as they had occupied here more then 50 years, as my title says, 3 generations, from grand pa, father and follow by son. But i wonder how and why they choose to operate the stall at the back lane for half a century?!  Guess a name BACKLANE is not a ideal dining area right? Especially the old town house, you really can imagine how dirty, smelly, rats & roaches crawling here and there along the lane, and don't mention about dining there!

Alright, i couldn't believe my eyes when i heading to the stall. Guess what? 80% tables were patronized by the supporter! I was asking myself, are they really serving good food here, in  a DIRTY BACKLANE? Well, lets fine out!

Dishes Rating:

Traditional Hand Made Fish Paste Soup with Vegetable Thong Ow: 3.5/5
Steam Pork with Salted Fish: 3.5/5
Roast Pork Stir Fry with Tofu : 3.7/5
Black Bean Fish: 3/5
Balacan (Shrimp paste) Brinjals: 4/5

Average rating for this place:

3.5/5 for value
3.8/5 for taste & texture
3/5 for service
1.5/5 for cleanliness 
 (very dirty....at the back lane, what do you aspect?)
1.5/5 for atmosphere (back lane is very stuffy)

P/S: Teh Cehf has a heavy hand, 70% of the dishes are pretty salty, so do remember to ask for some adjustment to your liking OR opt for non salty dishes....lol. Actually, I dont like to dine here as it was really dirty to me.

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