I found this write up is good to share with, very useful tips especially for those cooking beginner.

Have fun and enjoy your cooking!

Words by Nora Sands (Jamie’s Magazine)

In these cash-strapped times, its vital to be cost-conscious in the kitchen. When i was learning how to cook, as a girl in Ireland, thrift was second nature to us. My family bought no food from the shops - we grew it all ourselves, apart from the meat, which we got from local farms. Whatever we had we used and we’d lay up food for winter. Fruit and vegetable would be jarred or bottled. We used to dig pits in the garden to store out potatoes, parnips and turnips. We were poor. That’s how we survived.

Of course you don’t have to grow all your own food to feet your family frugally. And it’s not about having less or scrimping on ingrediants - it’s about changing the way you approaching shopping and cooking. First, it’s good to plan your meals in advance. you might decide to have a bolognese one night, then make a pie with the leftover mince the next. Or have roast chicken on sunday, leftover chicken curry on Monday and soup made from the bones on Tuesday. Planning your meals means you only buy what you need and there’s no waste.

Sometimes it can be good to actually plan to create leftovers to be used later. You’re cooking pasta for dinner? Why not a bit extra? It can be nice lunch the next day. Just add a lbit of ham, or peas, or some mayo. The same with rice. You can egg fried rice as super the next day, you just have to add a few vegetable.

It helps to befriend you butcher, too. He can give you great advice about cheaper cuts, which can be justas nice but need abit more cooking. I love neck of lamb, it makes a beautiful stew. Or oxtail. I always ask the butcher to put me in a bone, which i’ll boil the stock.

Stock are a great way to add flavour to your cooking. You dont have to buy staff to make stock. i throw in the peelings of carrots, the end of celery, herbs stalks, then reduce it right down and keep it in an old jars ion the freezer. Any vege that doesn’t go into the stockpot goes on the compost heap, which helps to grow parsley, thyme and rosemary the next year. Herbs are another great cheap way to bring flavour to your food. And you dont have to be in house with a graden to grow them, you can do it in a windowbox.

I never understand people who say the havent got time to cook, who grab a ready meal on the way home from work. In the time it takes to go to supermarket, wanderround aisles and stand in the queue you could have cook your dinner. Just straight home and do it! it saves you time ans it saves you money. We are have rice or pasta in the cupboard and bit of vege. More peoplewill have frozen peas ot tinned sweetcorn. You can do omelettes, you just need some eggs. you use everything up and nothing goes out of date.

To someone of my mother’s generation it’s a crime to throw away food. She’s 82 now and still cooks as she did when i was young, planning her meals, with leftovers from one meal often forming the basis of the next. She’s a canny old bird. and she would never waste thing.

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Now, after reading all the above tips, does it help?

Well, for me, before i read this article, Jason always “lecture” me with his mother’s moral, have make full use of the leftover, bones, and cheap cuts….lol.

Its really save your money, as you do not need to cook a dish from scratch with leftovers, just simply reheat, add in some sauce, ingrediant and wahlah….turn up a brand new dish. It save your gas and time. And leaftover makes Jason to be a “Leftover King”! no one can bit him in the house….lol

For bones for soup, it will automatically goes to my doggies stomach at last. heeee.

Vege and fruit’s skins….for your dog or cat OR turn it into compose and fertalizer.

i guess the knowledge of fully ustilise the wastage of food is gaint from the experience of cooking. And do remember, in another end of the world is still EXTREAMLY LACKING OF FOOD! We should appreciate that we borned in the land with full of NUTRIENT, with stable weather and Thanks for good harvest.


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Do you feel repentent after seeing this fat boy and the african’s child? We sould appreciate every mouthfull that God’s given to you and we shall contribute and help the others that is starving for years.

Thanks God that we still have food to eat in the time of economy crisis .


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This is for American’s, What about Malaysian? do you have any idea? and could you imagine the wastage of the food for the whole world? Damnnn….

Wish to Human, Good luck!