A few weeks ago we were belated by a call from CK about an invited review from Young Hearts. We have actually drove by this place a few times, but did not have the urge to visit or try out the food there. Actually, our first impression of this place was that it was an art studio or chinese tea house from the exterior.

This invite actually brought more inside of this place to us. The concept, idea, history and passion this place was quite interesting to us. This place actually serves food that have been in one of the partners family recipes. Ann Kee, the working partner of this place gave us a brief run though about Young Hearts and its conception and passion to serve home cooked meals and food to its patrons.
The invited review was mainly for us Penang Food Bloggers to try and taste the new menu that they will make available for the coming Chinese Lunar New Year. Our feedbacks and comments were also sort to assist to gauge on the taste and texture of the dishes. Ann was quite receptive to our suggestions and ideas, which is scarce value in most of the food business owners. In fact, she took the time to sit in with us and ate and taste every dish that was served. I would hope that we could see more of this kind of humble and open minded food business owners.

The bean curd or taufu had some ingredients have the mixture of toufu, fish, carrot, corriander to it. The portion of the taufu mixture was just right.
(Highly Recommended)

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