It was the last day of year 2008 and we were graciously invited by my sister's friends, a loving couple Michael and Lee Mee, to their house for dinner. We did not know what to expect for dinner and was very excited, as we have heard from my sis that their family is very good in hosting meals like the one we going to have. We got to know them during my sister's official opening of her new office for her Financial Consultation business, not the kind that are related to loan sharking, but Pro instead. The dinner invitation was extended to me and Gill during another dinner at Crystal Jade Restaurant at The Gardens 2 days prior. We will blog about that dinner on a later stage.

The night started with generous servings of wine, after which the main event set in. For starters we had pan fried sausages and garlic bread with a special sauce (something like balsamic vinegar mixture), and for the main course we were served with Oven Baked Pork Chops marinated in wine and other seasonings. The meat was tender and juicy as great trouble was taken to purchase the best cut of meat, to marinate and finally to baked and glazed the pork chops. It actually look like something out of the Jamie Oliver's cooking show, simple, homey and yet very tasty. How wish that I could get an oven for my house.