Just realize have a Holland Fries outlet opposite the GSC Theater in Queensbay. Does any one knows where are they from? Local or franchise from oversea?

When we saw this, in our tough - at least is something new, rather then McD again? haha
From my observation, they didn't attract much to those teenager. As many just walked by and Q for movie. We popped out a question immediately. Is this Holland Fries very new for them or really not that good?
Well, no harm to try what....so we go straight to the counter and the teenage staff introduced their several in-house sauces to put on top of the fries. Different sauce with different price.

i can't remember the actual price...i think is around RM5 per box.

The pictures quality is bad, coz im just using my N73 to snapped, color looks out abit :P~

Holland Fries Outlet

Light box shows different combination of sauces

Holland Fries's packing, Logo & website address

Beef Meat Sauce on top, kinda like pasta sauce. The tomato paste quite thick with the mince beef in it. Quite ok. But the herb sprinkled on the sauce is too coarsely grind. Can't even taste the herbs, wasted.
2 ways to blend the herbs in, either use very finely chop herbs, or put the herbs in sauce and give a little stir when the sauce is hot. That would be better.

Food Taste: 6

Wasabi + Mayonnaise mixture. I would say this combination is not bad, but too much wasabi and its covered the mayo taste, and pretty hot too. Gee...finish the whole box is like torching my tongue :( . They should put more mayo then wasabi, this is more acceptable.

Food Taste: 4.5 (because is too hot)

p/s: The girl shouldn't put the fries in the half heated oil. They should know the right temperature to cook fries, don't they? It would affected the fries and turns to a big different. Fries will absolve the oil, turns soggy and oily when consume it.

Rating 0-10
Average Of The Food Taste: 6
Environment: 5
Service: 6
Price: 5

Recommend: Meat Sauce Fries


  1. annie // August 12, 2008 at 11:37 AM  

    wasai! yum yum! potato frieds! my favorites the MOST!!!! i wish to try out the mayo mix the wasabi one!!!!!!! aiyoyo~~~sure very very nice!!!!yum yum!!!!! well done gill gill! i will try it!!!!!! yeah!

  2. Criz Lai // August 13, 2008 at 12:35 PM  

    Haha.. I will buy a whole packet of fries and add my own topping. Don't you think it's a bit pricey for the amount served?


  3. Fortesfidelis // August 18, 2008 at 9:31 PM  

    I wonder what other sauces they have. That has to be their uniqueness.

  4. gill gill // August 20, 2008 at 11:59 PM  

    annie: i know you! not oily not spicy food you wont love it :P, but please take care yourself, you gonna give birth soon!

    Criz: indeed, pricey. what to do? probably they are new, need some fine tune? hah

    fortesfidelis: they have 4-6 (i cant remember exectly) sauces available

  5. annie // September 15, 2008 at 5:56 PM  

    yoyoyo! you really know me very well! so dont forget intro more oily but nice food for me ya! hahaha!