Hoy Tin Lau @ Ipoh, Perak

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This is my second trip to Pangkor, not for holiday, but is to attend Jason's relative wedding ceremony instead. We decided to visit our friend in Ipoh, when on the way down to Pangkor. So I've done my homework - to hunt for ipoh food among the food blogs, or else we will miss ipoh food again!…heee.

Hurray! I've finally found one interesting & mouthwatering food, is "Sar Keong Chicken" from Hoy Tin Lau were posted by Motormouth - Ipoh food blogger (j2kfm.blogspot.com). The chicken looks delicious, and we both agreed to go for it! So we contacted our local friend and ask for direction.

We nearly lost the opportunity, because we arrived ipoh were almost 2pm – noon session is going to close soon. We faster called up our friend and asked her go to "Hoy Tin Lau" and checked were they still open at that time.

Lucky! We were the second last table before the kitchen close. After the "Rush Hour", is time to enjoy the food!

Before we start to the food topic, I have to mentioned about the waitress (probably is the ladyboss) was not friendly, black face indeed. Little rude in the way asking for the order. When ever we faced this situation…we will show our black face too… In Chinese called " 以牙还牙"… lol

Hello, we pay for the food ok?! We are not begging you! Just wondering why, do they really understand how to operate a food business? How would your customer feels, and will they come back again? At the end, who loss?

Anyway, don't care la…just enjoy the food to release our tention. Let see, what we've ordered...

Sar Keong Chicken "沙姜鸡"
The chicken lightly roasted in golden color, served with churchy jelly fish and a plate of finely chopped Sar Keong (a type of ginger). The meat is tender but its abit salty. Remember to eat it with the Sar Keong, or else you won't taste the different with other roasted chicken….lol. And I don't feel the jelly fish is a good combination for this dish. The soury covered the chicken taste. Although is special, but the Jellyfish is not a necessary item to put into it. I personally would prefer how would the Sar Keong taste better for the chicken. The Sar Keong couldn't plays the part, its because it was finely chopped only. I would suggest the best way to prepare the Sar Keong is to finely chop and mash, marinate in oil OR lightly sauté in oil to bring the sar keong flavour out. From there you can get the strongger Sar Keong taste.

Food Taste: 6.5

3 Yolks Steam Egg "三黄蛋"
A normal plate of steam egg….and was below par! Their eggs is over cooked and tasteless.
Food Taste: 4

Stir Fry Mixed Vege "清炒杂菜"
Oh, their vege has mixed with asparagus and celery, can taste Chinese wine and wok hei. Not bad.
Food Taste: 6

Claypot Goose Feet cook with Salted Fish "咸鱼鹅掌煲"
I doubt that was goose feet, i'd rather believe it is duck feet instead. The sauce is quite alright, but there is nothing you can suck from the feet! Did you see the picture? All is TULANG! Pretty tought and hard to pulled the skin out from the feet, at the end, we surrendered! just to suck the sauce from the feet!!!! It was damn expensive (RM20+) and ate nothing…$#%$%&^ pretty unhappy with this dish.
Food Taste: 4

Shops located in the middle of Ipoh Garden East-Bercham.

Rating 0-10
Food Taste: 6
Environment: 3 (dirty…find out their kitchen and bathroom!)
Service: 3
Price: 3 (pricey for ipoh and penang standard too)

Recommend: Ermmm…. Sar Keong Chicken


  1. New Kid on the Blog // July 20, 2008 at 5:55 PM  

    I hate people showing their black face to the customers... as if people owe them dont know how many thousands like that. If such, I rather walk out. I've been to Ipoh many times, but never come across this shop. Anyway, thks for sharing. :)

  2. CK Lam // July 20, 2008 at 8:48 PM  

    What a bad outing experience...the thought of being treated that way really puts you off no matter how tasty is the food.

  3. J2Kfm // August 3, 2008 at 8:44 PM  

    hey there! 1st time here, din realise you dropped by my blog. :)

    anyway, I think I know which lady you're referring to, she's the boss. typical of her to show her 'dark' side to customers. =P

    nice blog, and regretted I missed the 1st Pg floggers gathering. (though I'm no Penangite!)

  4. gill gill // August 4, 2008 at 1:05 AM  

    j2kfm: Thanks for dropping by :) yea, i guess is the lady boss so.

    Hey, dont worry. We will try to arrange our Penang Food Bloggers "Food Hunting Trip" to Ipoh for sure! so you should be our food guide then! :)