Located in the buy township in Taman Desa, is the Fish Head Noodle shop called Woon Pin. I am from Penang, thus this kind of fish head noodle with milk is hard to come by. I have actually had this fish head noodle numerous of time, but have not really get into blogging about it partly because I am busy and lazy too.

This Woon Pin Fish Head Noodle (WPFHN) shop serves either clear soup base or the 'lemak' type with milk. So far all the times my sister only bought the lemak type with fried fish meat and head for me for breakfast. The next time if I am in KL again, I would definitely try the clear soup type.

The soup base is quite sweet and creamy(lemak) with the added evaporated milk. The fish were just nice, not too hard or dry from the frying process. The soup and fish goes really well with the rice vermicelli.

I can't remember the price, may be RM 4.50 or RM 5.50, for a bowl of the noodle, but it is definitely cheaper than that sold in Penang. By looking at my photos, one could see that fish meat is quite a serving. There were rough 4 to 5 chunks of meat in the bowl, and the chunks ain't small. To my standards it is quite value for money!

Back in Penang, I remember when I was not feeling well at one time, my wife bought for me a packed of fish head noodle from a famous stall in Pulau Tikus. I remember clearly that it cost RM 9.50 for an order with extra noodles only, and the serving portion was still smaller than that what I got at WPFHN's normal serving portion. I was really dumb founded at that time and felt cheated.

On average. I would give Woon Pin Fish Head Noodle in Taman Desa:

  • 5/5 for value
  • 4/5 for taste
  • 3/5 for service
  • 3/5 for cleanliness (what can we ask from a coffee shop)
  • 3/5 for atmosphere


  1. Christy // October 7, 2008 at 8:49 PM  

    Fish head noodles, looks really nice...to me, the most important is the fish (as always, being a fish lover) - must not be too crispy but not too mushy!
    Came from pickyeater:p