This afternoon went to the prawn fritters and loh bak stall at Weld Quey that I blog recently. I was not in a rush to be any where, thus I had time to seat down and slowly savour and try various methods to taste the fritters and loh bak.

The prawn fritters when taken on its own is actually cripy on the surface and soft and sweet on the inside. The sweetness is very mild and it is from the bean sprouts and prawns used. When taken with the raw yellow nooldes, it actually enhanced the fritters with its saltiness and absorbs the oiliness feeling. If taken with the home-mixed chili sauce, it gives the snack a spicy and tangy taste.

As for the loh bak, the feeling is filled with chopped shallots, five spice and cutted pork stips. The loh baks are sweet to taste. I tried two different way to enjoy the meaty rolls. First, it was cutted and re-fried and second method was just as it is. The re-fried version was more appertising because after it was cutted to smaller pieces, the fillings like the starch, shallots, meat and five spice were expose to the hot oil which brought togather the fragrant and taste. Better than the cold version!

Lastly, I tried having the prawn fritter, loh bak(re-fried) and yellow noodle all togather at one mouthfull. The combination worked, salty, creamy, sweet and fragrant taste, and crispy, crunchy, soft, strachy and QQ texture. With just a touch of the home-mixed chili, it adds some spice and tang.

It is definitely a different experience from the previous.


  1. CRIZ LAI // October 23, 2008 at 11:35 PM  

    Wah.. you so free to sit down and try all the different style? I must admit, the cut up and refried loh bak tasted better. :)

  2. cariso // October 26, 2008 at 7:30 PM  

    pui fuk pui fuk! lei hou yeah! :)

  3. buzzingbee // October 27, 2008 at 10:39 AM  

    ohh prawn fritters and loh bak is irresistible!! yummy :)